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On this web site, we will find my photos taken with a numeric camera. Theses photos are in 800 x 600. We can download its freely for personnal use as wallpaper for your computer for example. You can't diffuse theses photos or use theses for public or commercial exploitations without my written aprobations.
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carole 07/09/2004 23:38:19

suprbe ttes tes photos sont trés belles

lecluse 20/04/2004 23:32:24 (

ca donne envie cest tres classe a la prochaine visite .debutant sur
le net ,il y a du beau c est agreable ciao

Babou24 23/11/2008 13:39:10 (

Très touchant 7 petite fille malade mais il y en à trop


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