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On this web site, we will find my photos taken with a numeric camera. Theses photos are in 800 x 600. We can download its freely for personnal use as wallpaper for your computer for example. You can't diffuse theses photos or use theses for public or commercial exploitations without my written aprobations.
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19/09/2018 22:32:42

franck 02/10/2007 18:18:15 (

I've never noticed that you could switch to english on your
website. Great job. Un bel effort qui me fait realiser que mon
anglais doit etre trop americanise maintenant.

le rasta 19/04/2004 14:27:00

le site est soigné et les photos aussi
continue comme ça, c'est du bon boulot !


le rasta


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