Click to display the photo.: Frah (Shaka Ponk)
Title photo: Frah (Shaka Ponk)
Date: Ven 26 Oct 2012 (21:23:52)
Resolution: 800 x 600
Size: 135 ko
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Photo taken at Zenith Nantes Frah, singer of Shaka Ponk (SHK PNK). IT was standing on the public, people carry him at arm's length. He made a little speech and then began to sing How we kill stars. This group is really powerful live!

Click to display the photo.: Le lion
Title photo: Le lion
Date: Lun 09 Juil 2012 (17:25:48)
Resolution: 800 x 533
Size: 272 ko
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A closer photo of the lion king. It's very impressive to see it so close!

Click to display the photo.: two ladybugs
Title photo: two ladybugs
Date: Dim 16 Juil 2006 (20:42:51)
Resolution: 800 x 533
Size: 68 ko
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Pic of two ladybugs in the evening after a rain shower. They face each other as in a mirror.

Click to display the photo.: Birds on axe
Title photo: Birds on axe
Date: Mar 11 Août 2009 (13:13:41)
Resolution: 800 x 533
Size: 56 ko
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During Estuary Festival 2009, Celeste Boursier-Mougenot (Nantes France) has installed an aviary in which were exposed guitars. The name of his work: "From here to ear." By walking on the instruments, birds create random pieces.
This bird, with his blade of grass, seemed to change the strings of his guitar. :-)

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