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Article L122-4

All representations or reproduction (complete or partial) made without the consent of the author or his eligible applicant or legal successors is illicit. It is some in the same way for the translation, the adaptation or the transformation, the arrangement or reproduction by an art or any process.

Article L131-2

The contracts of representation, edition and audiovisual production defined to the present title must be noted in writing. It is the same way of the free authorizations of enforcement.
In all others cases, arrangements of the articles 1341 to 1348 from code of civil law are applicable.

Article L131-3

The transmission of the author's rights is subordinated provided that each of the rights given up is the subject of a distinct reference in the deed of conveyance and that the domain of exploitation of the rights given up is delimited as for its extent and to its destination, as for the place and as for the length.
When some special circumstances require it, the contract can be concluded validly by exchange of telegrams, provided that the domain of exploitation of the rights given up is delimited in accordance with the terms of the first paragraph of the present article
The cessions carrying on the rights of audiovisual adaptation must make the purpose of a contract writes on a distinct document of the related contract to the actual edition of the printed work.
The recipient of the cession commits by this contract to search for an exploitation of the right given up in accordance with the practices of the profession and to pour to the author, in case of adaptation, a proportional remuneration to the paid receipts.

Extracted of the

The photographs and available illustrations on support paper, on CD Rom or works protected by the royalties of the only fact of their originality are on the internet, that means when they testify of a certain intellectual creativeness. To the term of the L. article 122-4 of the Code of the intellectual property, you cannot reproduce all or gone of these works on your site without having gotten the express authorization of the holders of the rights of it: the authors themselves, their heirs or the administrators of these rights.
The use of a work protected without authorization is considered like an act of counterfeiting. This not only constitutes a fault likely to engage your civil responsibility but also a criminal offense punished of three years of confinement and 300 000 euros of fine. That your site is free or paying, the rule is the same. [...]
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As a matter of principle, all person, some either her notoriousness, arrange on her picture and on the use that is made some of an exclusive right and can oppose to her reproduction and diffusion without his authorization. You must be careful therefore to collect, before the on line stake of the photo, the person's express authorization that there represents.
To failure, the person whose picture has been revealed has the possibility to act in justice: the judge of injunctions has the power in this regard to prescribe all measures clean to prevent or to make quit the attack, capable to appropriate some damages also. Otherwise, you expose yourselves to one year of confinement and 45 000 euros of fine in case of disclosure without authorization (article 226-1 of the Criminal code).
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