Photograph Jeromax


     I'm the photograph who took all photos of this web site.
My "pseudo" on internet is jeromax and theses are my two avatars.

     All photos of my site are in 800 x 600 but they are atook in 2272 x 1704 except some of thems (S30 2048 x 1536). Until th end of 2004 may, you could download photos in 1024 x 768, but because of someone who used my photos on his own web site, i was obliged to reduce its size. This was not my aim when i created this web site. The aim was to propose photos in large size, so few in internet... :-((


     I use a Canon Powershot S45 bought on But i've used a S30 too (Snowboard, Equitation). The S45 is a good numeric camera (for the photograph that i am), it permit to take photos in automatic or manual: adjustements are quite the same as a reflex. And as the Powershot is in small size, we can take it everywhere without carrying a big bag.

     Since 07/2004, I'm the happy owner of a NIKON D70 and this is a very great object!


     You can contact me for all photos
(+ informations here)

     If you want to download freewares, Go to (that i not maintain since 2 years except freewares update)


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