Being very attracted by the macrophotography, I am manufactured myself a small optic complement that allows me to enlarge the close topics. For less 15 €, I have succeeded to make something that invites me at present, it is not very aesthetic, but it come up to my expectations ; -).Pour moins de 15€, j'ai réussit à faire quelque chose qui me convient pour le moment, ce n'est pas très esthétique, mais je m'en accomode ;-)
This is what it's look like and how make it...

How to make?
  • A thick enough board
  • Glue (or possibly of the nails)
  • Patex: a dough that hardens to air = > strong as the rock that ad tell! ;-)
  • 1 or 2 zooms (hardly 5€ the unit)
  • A saw
  • A chisel to wood or whatever that can make a hole in wood
  • A drill (not obligatory, it is for the perfecting)
    Stage n1:
  • Cut the board according to the size of your camera (to see approximate size opposite on the photos), what will give us a base plate to put the camera.
  • Cut kid battens in the chutes that it remains you.
  • Put the camera (lens out) on the board and to paste the cub battens so that they perfectly hold the camera.If the battens are not enough close to the camera, this one risks to move during your shots, it must be stalled.
    Stage n2:
  • Remove the lens from the zooms that you bought. (you can thrown the stick, it won't serve to anything anymore)
  • Dig the base plate of the stage n1, just before the lens, make a big enough hole and cross the base plate.
  • Verify that your lens enter extensively in this hole and that their centers descend lower than the center of the lens of your camera.
  • Prepare your Patex, and fill the hole with it (Be carreful, that dries in 4 min!).
  • Press your lens in and adjust to the good height and closer as possible to camera lens (without touch it).
  • Wait for 2 min, and withdraw the lens. You have a mold then in the shape of your lens.
  • Let dry for 24H before putting back the lens in.
It can be interristing to be able to put all this gear on a camera pod, if you have one of it, this is how to make it. The diameter of pitch of the camera pod are standard, 2 sorts only exist (one for the devotee and one, bigger, for the professionals).The problem, it's that this screw is an American screw, the filtage is spaced more. Impossible to find some in a french do-it-yourself centre. Either you are going to ask the local photographer for a american pitch of screw, or you manufacture it.The local photographer not having wanted to help me, I made myself one of it.
    Stage n3:
  • Put the camera and the zooms in place in the base.
  • Determine the center of gravity roughly (position of balance of the object).
  • Remove the camera and the zooms
  • Pierce a big hole to this endrois (it can crossed the base)
  • Disassemble the screw of your camera foot. Clean it if the pitch of screw is dirty.
  • Fill the hole of Patex
  • Make turn the screw in Patex in order to create a pitch. While turning, attempt to stop the Patex from leaving, so that your pitch is the more adjusted as possible.
  • Wait for 4min and unscrew with a flipper so nécéssaire.
  • Wait for 24H before putting the camera pod in.

These 2 photos have been reduced in the same way: of 2272x1704, I resized them to 400x300, I didn't crop its.
Without the optical complement
With the optical complement

Here are some photos that permit to make some comparisons. Indeed, the depth of field (the zone of cleanness) is decreased considerably with the addition of lens.
    Shots' conditions:
  • The following photos have been made in the same conditions (not very good besides, lack of light...).
  • The 0cm of the meter touch the camera lens (when there is no zoom), either to the zoom outside of installation.
  • I adjusted myself even the focal length of the camera to the smallest in every case.
  • The photos have all been reduced in the same way, then I chose a setting of 400x300 in the original photo, around the point of cleanness.
Without aditional lens, without zoom camera
Without aditional lens, with zoom camera (x3)
1 aditional lens, without zoom camera
1 aditional lens, with zoom camera (x3)
2 aditional lens, without zoom camera
2 aditional lens, with zoom camera (x3)
hughhh... it is your turn to pull the findings of it.... it's too late, I am going to lie down....

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