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Click to display the photo.: Lumières sur mousse
Title photo: Lumières sur mousse
Date: Dim 06 Mars 2005 (16:57:27)
Resolution: 800 x 600
Size: 128 ko
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Informations about the shoot

I took this photo because i found that the various moss colors and those of the light could make an esthetics photo.

Click to display the photo.: Jeune lys
Title photo: Jeune lys
Date: Jeu 24 Juil 2003 (22:19:28)
Resolution: 800 x 600
Size: 99 ko
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Informations about the shoot

This photo of a young lily flower was taken at the time where the flower begin to open. Lily's aspect, at this moment, make me think at an open animal mouth. The photo, in the night, attenuate the background and so, show only the interresting part of the flower.

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