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Title photo: Biche & Sanglier
Date: Dim 14 Nov 2004 (10:21:52)
Resolution: 800 x 600
Size: 183 ko
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This photo is the most extraordinary that it is given to me to make until now. I went in a forest (Sologne France) to make photo of wild boars. Layind down a ditch since 1h, some wild boars appeared. Suddendly a doe left the thicket (For the photographers, the only zoom that I have for the moment is a 105mm, you can see that it really appeared with a few meters of me!). It directly turned the head towards wild boar in the alley. I did not dare any more to move. I made the focus on his head knowing that I will have only one chance: one photo. It was the case... The noise of the obturator made flee the animal. I took a gust, but arghhhh.... a "FULL" flickered in the screen... I looked at if I had taken at least one photo and it were the case. I will not forget this moment of as soon as: -)

Click to display the photo.: Triste phoque
Title photo: Triste phoque
Date: Jeu 19 Août 2004 (10:48:11)
Resolution: 800 x 600
Size: 86 ko
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"Do i seem happy in this watery basin?"
This seal, of the museum of the sea of Biarritz, failed itself on a beach of the Atlantic coast.

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Title photo: Chat caramel
Date: Ven 06 Août 2004 (19:51:25)
Resolution: 800 x 600
Size: 90 ko
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The little cat Caramel under the rising sun

Click to display the photo.: Timide escargot
Title photo: Timide escargot
Date: Sam 02 Août 2003 (14:13:52)
Resolution: 800 x 600
Size: 130 ko
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I'm a little happy with this photo. I would like to have its eye in the sun appearing in the shadow of its cockle.

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