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Click to display the photo.: Connemara en Irlande
Title photo: Connemara en Irlande
Date: Jeu 11 Mai 2006 (17:03:52)
Resolution: 800 x 600
Size: 92 ko
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Informations about the shoot

Photo took during journey in Connemara (Irlande).
I was happy to take this photo because the sun was always shinning all the time ! With great chance, thunder came during one hour and light was beautifull.

Click to display the photo.: Sun behind rock
Title photo: Sun behind rock
Date: Mar 16 Mars 2004 (10:31:42)
Resolution: 800 x 600
Size: 101 ko
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Informations about the shoot

A mountain photo of Pas de la case in Andorra (Pyrénées France).

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